Cool Weather Row Cloches Set


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  • PVC
  • Cloche ends are 15″ W x 8″ D x 8″ H
  • Each row cloche is 33-1/2″ L x 15″ W x 8″ H
  • Staking pins are 4″ L


Garden Cloche Protects Long Rows

  • Includes 3 row cloches plus 2 ends
  • Water wells catch and disperse rain gently
  • Upper vents rotate for ideal airflow

Growing season too short? Get planting a little earlier, and keep growing longer, with this innovative row cover system. Clear PVC cloches overlap to create rows as long as you desire. One of the best designs we’ve seen in years, they feature upper water wells that catch rain (or hose) water and dispense it gently, drop by drop, preventing your tender plants from getting damaged or floating away. Twin vents on each cloche rotate to increase or decrease air flow as needed. At night, or any time temperatures dip, add the ends to keep plants warm. Ends are also handy when you need consistent humidity for germination of direct-sown crops. Staking pins included.


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